Friday, January 2, 2015

I Did It ! Ready to Wear Fast 2014

  I Did It !! I made it through the 2014 Ready to Wear Fast without buying new clothes . 

While I didn't make as many clothing items  as I thought I would , I did make 7 tops , a couture dress, 15 items for granddaughter , 170 baby items for my charity sewing group, 10 snap bags ( gifts) , 12 pumpkin coasters( gifts) 2 Halloween table toppers , 3 crossover bags (gifts) 2 batik totes , 3quilts ( baby charity ) 2 zipper project bags ,2 crocheted afghans  for gifts , crocheted 3 afghans for charity .

It really does help to add it all up . You realize that you did sew more than you thought . 
I started this blog a year ago to document my sewing & I'm so glad I did. 
I'm so glad I took on the RTW fast. It was nice to have a personal challenge .
I know it has been viewed many times & not many people comment - except my # 1 follower -Thx N 😄😄😄😄

While I will continue sewing for myself , I'm not going to be as strict this year with a RTW fast .
I joined the Make A Garment A Month group this year just to shake it up . 
I have lots of Craftsy classes lined up, new patters. & of course lots of fabric added to my stash last year . 

Sewing Goals - 

1. Learn to fit patterns more accurately .
2. Attempt to make pants 
3. Sew a cardigan 
4. Finish the dress & skirt I started in 2014 
5. Make lots of fun stuff for Granddaughter
6. Learn more accuracy in sewing !
7. More Charity Sewing .
8. Have Fun !


  1. Happy New Year MaryEllen! Congratulations on your RTW fast! I admire your charity sewing.

    1. Thanks Kelly - my group makes onsies for the hospitals here in the Valley . Happy New Year

  2. Hi Mary Ellen - I'm looking forward to seeing what you make each month. Thanks for following me - can I suggest you put a follow button on your blog so it is easy for people to follow you and comment? Or Bloglovin, or both.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz - I need to figure out how to add the button . Looking forward to this new challenge .
      Happy New Year

  3. Hi MaryEllen, I just found your blog through the Wednesday showcase by Rhonda Buss where you were featured.

    Great to find another blog.

    Congrats on the RTW fast. I lasted until the December sales ;-)

    To add a bloglovin button, you need to sign up at and claim your blog and then you can get a button for you to put in your side panel.

    I look forward to seeing more of your items.

  4. Thanks - wow I did t even know I was featured

  5. I'm a new follower to your blog after seeing it mentioned on Rhonda Buss' blog. I like your sewing goals, especially #5 (I have a granddaughter to sew for also :), and #8.
    Looking forward to seeing your projects.

    1. Thanks for you comments . It is a fun, new dimension to sew for a granddaughter 😄😄