Thursday, July 16, 2015

Table runner finished

I finally finished a table runner I started last November at a 2 day event at my Bernina dealer. 
It was a project using a curved specialty ruler. They had us cut them out different than the directions so it ended up smaller than I would have liked. But it's done & on the table - yeah ! 
I finished the other 3 projects shortly after the event. 
I made a summer dress this week & knit skirt - pictures soon ! I wanted a summer dress for an upcoming family reunion . 
My brother asked me to make a tee shirt quilt with all the reunion shirts from our parents . I have the shirts cut up but not sure I can finish & wondering if it's worth dragging to reunion since  everyone should also have all these shirts. 
I've also kept to my self imposed break from charity sewing this week. It's hard not to make more onesies , but I really wanted some time to finish & make some projects of my own. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Meeting my goal

I have so far been able to meet my personal goal of crocheting an afghan a month for my CCS group . We donate afghans ,quilts & handmade baby clothes to local hospitals .
I was VERYburned out from sewing the baby clothes at the end of our year in May. I had decided to take the summer off , but the pull of having enough items  for our first distribution in Sept. got to me.
I have slowed down a bit as I want to concentrate on sewing other items . I want to mainly sew some things for me. I will also make some things for DGD but it's hard to fit when she's so far away.
I have 2 dresses on the cutting/sewing table to finish before our family reunion in 2 weeks.
I finished 30 onesies & my afghan .  I always forget to take pictures until I'm on my way out the door . Need to work on better pictures. This picture really doesn't do the onesies justice . They are sooooo cute !!! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer knit skirt

I made this knit skirt last  spring but have just begun wearing it more regularly. I used a pattern but then changed the waist to a yoga waistband . It's a knit from Girl Charlee. I love the weight of it- more of a mid weight , but the registration of the design is off in a few places . I had to cut around some places  which was annoying . 
It's very easy to wear & washes up great also.