Friday, April 13, 2018

The Tunic Bible & Blackwood Cardigan - Stylemaker Fabrics

Lots of sewing , just not much blogging ! 
My second Tunic Bible is a 2sided knit from Stylemaker Fabrics . It’s a cotton /poly & sewed up like a dream . It has an eyelet look to it . I’m glad I was able to incorporate both sides in this dress . I’m looking forward to dressing it up & down . I love the tunics from Tunic Bible & love the fact that this pattern is now my TNT . Once you fit it , endless options open up ! 
A while back I finished my first Blackwood Cardigan . I also loved this pattern . My fabric was mostly poly so  topstitching was a major challenge . I love the length . I didn’t love that DH called it a lab coat.  But what do men know about fashion . It’s a wonderful sweater ! 
I have fabric ready to cut out for both of these patterns - they are keepers ! 
Happy Sewing 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Sewing Pickle Pie Designs ITH embroidery ❤️

I LOVE ,LOVE,LOVE making pickle pie Designs Bags in the hoop ! The first picture shows the ones I made for an MPS Society fundraiser. My friend Kris Klenke is hosting her 20 th Anniversary Klenke Bowl in memory of her beloved son Kraig. As you may know I have an MPS angel niece who died from the same disease. 
Research is the name of the game for this devastating disease .

The second picture is a tablet bag I made for my darling Granddaughter. She requested a bag with kitties . 
HPpy Sewing & Embroidery 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Sewing with Friends

I had a wonderful day on Thursday sewing !
I’ve been giving sewing lessons to my great niece for about a year now. She is 6 so they have been quick projects .
I invited a girl friend & her granddaughters to join us last week. I let Sofia pick the project as she is the “expert” . She wanted to make St Patrick’s Day scarves & “purses” .
Sofia was very patient with letting the other girls use her machine . My friend & I had to guide the fabric but they loved pushing the pedal . Sofia cut out some green felt & sewed 3 sides . We added green ribbon for handles. 
They had a great time .
I pretty much let them look like 3-4-5-6 yr olds made them .
It’s great that Sofia has been interested in sewing for so long . Of course they loved the snack part of the morning alsođź’•.
It’s been hard coming up with projects so any ideas are greatly appreciated .

I have sewn for myself just need to get some pictures taken ! 
Happy Sewing 

Thursday, February 22, 2018

2018 RTW Fast -NYC & Charleston

It’s been a wonderful month 
It’s my birthday month , Valentines & travel 
We spent 5 Days in NYC visiting our Son. DIL & DGD
Such a treat to spend time with them & at 4 1/2 she really knows us now . 
I was able to wear a make a made in NYC in 
January - another of my TNT Sandra Betzina tees. The fabric is a cotton/poly blend from Stone Mtn in SF . It’s so soft it really feels like wearing my pj’s. I have lots of future plans for this pattern including a dress . When I’m on a roll I like to make the same item to really make sure the fit is good & I will remember the steps to make. I’ve really started the year working on a sewing journal in earnest. I’ve actually made notes on Patterns , fabric etc. 
I’m also continuing something I started last year of writing down every single thing I’ve made in a year. Boy it adds up . I used to think I wasn’t a very productive sewer until I started documenting my makes - I include the numbers of charity items I make so it’s a true picture .
Having a great time in Charleston!! Not even tempted to buy clothes . 
I’m loving the RTW challenge . But I was frustrated a few weeks ago when there was a lot of negativity in  The Facebook group. I understood the rules when I signed up but some were asking why such & such an item should be excluded . It’s on your honor , but people received very clear rules when they signed up - just saying 
Happy Sewing 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Gift sewing

I recently finished some gifts . The trivet & coasters were a thank you gift . Machine embroidery in the hoop . 
The valentine pillowcase was mailed to NYC to a special GD . 
We leave next week for a visit & I have the mermaid doll set finished . 
I also finished a top & embroidered a denim jacket - need to get pictures !!!
I have another top & the Blackwood cardigan to finish before next week.
Since I’ll be gone during the next distribution for Layette I’m busy making baby mitts to place in the Layette Bags . They are fast & quick & use up our knit scraps . 
Happy Sewing 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

zipper repair for a son !

The past week & 1/2 I’ve had a very bad head cold . I’m very lucky that’s all it is with so much flu going around . But it has sidelined my sewing especially the garments I had planned to work on .
I replaced a zipper in a jacket for my #2 son . It was an oiled leather jacket . I offered to wash it for him, but he said NO - you hose it off . WHAT ??.. indeed that’s what the label said so I mailed back a dirty jacket & said good luck hosing that off in Denver.

I finally completed 2 little  purses for a silent auction for my charity sewing group .
Happy Sewing 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

RTW fast 2018 - let’s go !

I’m so excited to be participating in my second RTW Fast with Sarah Gunn of GoodbyeValentino blog.
I believe I only made 5 items in the 2014 RTW Fast but I didn’t buy any clothing either so it was a huge success on my part. 
This year I have many goals of items to make . I’ve actually been cleaning the sewing room & making lists of fabric &patterms I want to complete. 
I love sewing & usually sew a bit every day , but I get scattered in many directions & need to focus on garments .
It’s not that I need a lot of clothes but I want to sew garments I like ,will wear & challenge my sewing skills .
I will still do my charity sewing - in fact I made 75 sets of baby mitts for local hospitals this week. I also love machine embroidery, but another goal is to incorporate embroidery into my garments. 
So I’m ready to get started . 
I found 3 unfinished garments that will get me going ! 
Happy 2018 
Happy Sewing