Sunday, January 14, 2018

zipper repair for a son !

The past week & 1/2 I’ve had a very bad head cold . I’m very lucky that’s all it is with so much flu going around . But it has sidelined my sewing especially the garments I had planned to work on .
I replaced a zipper in a jacket for my #2 son . It was an oiled leather jacket . I offered to wash it for him, but he said NO - you hose it off . WHAT ??.. indeed that’s what the label said so I mailed back a dirty jacket & said good luck hosing that off in Denver.

I finally completed 2 little  purses for a silent auction for my charity sewing group .
Happy Sewing 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

RTW fast 2018 - let’s go !

I’m so excited to be participating in my second RTW Fast with Sarah Gunn of GoodbyeValentino blog.
I believe I only made 5 items in the 2014 RTW Fast but I didn’t buy any clothing either so it was a huge success on my part. 
This year I have many goals of items to make . I’ve actually been cleaning the sewing room & making lists of fabric &patterms I want to complete. 
I love sewing & usually sew a bit every day , but I get scattered in many directions & need to focus on garments .
It’s not that I need a lot of clothes but I want to sew garments I like ,will wear & challenge my sewing skills .
I will still do my charity sewing - in fact I made 75 sets of baby mitts for local hospitals this week. I also love machine embroidery, but another goal is to incorporate embroidery into my garments. 
So I’m ready to get started . 
I found 3 unfinished garments that will get me going ! 
Happy 2018 
Happy Sewing 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Santa’s elf is tired & done

I spent most of my November sewing time getting ahead for Christmas . I also made a dress for a friends wedding . I ordered the fabric from Promenade Fabric. #promenadefabrics
They offer THE best customer service . 
This dress was Vogue 6446 . It was a digital printed poly . Digitals can be a challenge as the holes show up if you take something out- AKA reverse sewing . But this poly was very forgiving . 
I hash some issues getting then”wrap”part to fit but it came out very well & above my expectations .
Of course I cut my time close & wasn’t able to make a muslin .😜
The rest of November was spent getting ahead for Christmas. After garment sewing —I LOVE machine embroidery. 
I had items to make for a fundraiser luncheon - items for cutie niece & nephew -items for gift exchange with friends . But now I’m ready to get back to sewing for ME. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Like losing a friend -Nancy Zieman

 A great loss to the sewing community -Nancy Zieman died yesterday. It has hit me very hard as I️ have watched & followed her from almost the beginning of her career. She was like a friend next to me while sewing. I️ could watch a video clip or refer to a book she had written for easy directions . Even my boys knew not to disturb mom while watching her “show”or tape over moms show.
She inspired so many & will be greatly missed !
                                           Bye for Now Nancy - prayers to your family

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sew much sewing -sew little time to blog

Sew much catching up to do - but too much for one post.! 
I made this Sandra Betzina V1515 - “pop top “ this week for a family birthday party . 
I was a panel I bought from @@promenadefabrics . 
I lined the top & took in about 2” off each side . I didn’t add the elastic to the collar this time & just choose to make it more of a cowl neck . 
It’s a fun & easy topper to make -just wondering how ,any of the same top one can male &use ???

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Bucket list -sewing with Susan Khalje

Hey Ya'll 
I'm in  Houston ready to start my week class with Susan Khalje !! I'm beyond excited & beyond nervous 😩 😩
I hope I'm not over my head.  But trying to focus on I'm hear to learn !!
My sewing machine packed in bubble wrap made it through TsA with flying colors ( ha ha ) .
I had to borrow back the small Janome I won last year from my sister in law. All my Bernina's were toooooo heavy . The Janome weighs 12 pounds . 
I had a great few days visiting my nephew , his wife & 3 kids . Lots of great energy ! 
So wish me well & I'll try to keep up with my progress .
Happy Sewing ! 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Catching up & sewing fun

Wow over a month since I've blogged ! 
I'm always sewing just not always taking the time to blog . 
I finished the Sandra Betzina pop top & I love it . Her staff saw it in my IG post & asked if they could  post on her social media -I was thrilled ! I also wore it out & a female bartender asked where I got the top. Again it was a treat to have someone comment !
I thought I had a picture of the everyday tank  I made but I don't. I also don't love it . I used a very nice quilting cotton & it just didn't hang very well . Fabric was recommended on pattern but it was too stiff even tho it was a softer cotton .  But I feel  learn from each experience .
This make is an In the Hoop Embroidery design from pickle pie . It was easy -sent to #2 son as a prototype . It's a tech bag for cords etc. I think the pockets are too small to hold much but we'll see what he thinks .

Happy Sewing