Saturday, June 6, 2015

Belcarra top

This fabric is so pretty UP CLOSE - it looks blah from a few feet away & I'm so very disappointed!! It was not cheap & I got it last trip to NYC. I love the colors & it goes with so many skirts etc, but I'm not sure if it will look like it matches from afar. I'm also struggling with the Belcarra. I need to learn an FBA so this top is not so baggy at the waist. I even put long darts in ,  it the fabric is a tad sheer & that's where your focus goes - so I'm taking them out .  Still struggling with patterns that look good on my body type as well as fabrics that work for the pattern. Lots of learning to do 😄


  1. Sorry you were disappointed with the fabric - that happens. Just play around with it and practice - and put it with something else a bit more defined to bring it out. Maybe layer it over something else it it is a bit sheer?

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz ! Hubby says it's not as blah as I feel it is. I think if I pick out a color in it for some jewelry that might help .
      Thanks for replying 😍