Saturday, June 11, 2016

Really sewing this time !

I was stunned that I hadn't blogged since April - but the last 2 months have been a mixture of helping a family member , travel , #1sons PhD graduation , time in NYC with Son, WDIL & of course DGD . 
But as you can see by my smile as a sewer I managed to squeeze in some fabric shopping in Dublin. I bought 2 pieces of Irish Linen 😍😍
I also bought fabric while in NYC at Mood & Metro Textiles. 
The travel was wonderful & the family member I was also helping  seems to be improving as well so TIME TO SEW!!! 
What to make first can be paralyzing , but I'm spending some quality time in the sewing room thinking things through . I usually just jump right into a project & many times realize I either don't have enough fabric, or the fabric isn't right for the pattern. So..,
I'm working on slowing the process down & thinking !!!
My charity sewing is really helping that  process. I can sit at my serger & make baby Onsies for our CCS group for the local hospitals. While doing this I feel I have time to look at my cutting table for inspiration . 
Some loose cotton voile tops seem to end calling my name ! 
But that skirt & table runner ...


  1. What fun to purchase fabric from different countries! I am sure you made some fabulous purchases and I look forward to seeing your creations!

  2. Thanks - I was very lucky to go to Ireland !

  3. You really showed restraint by not buying more while in Dublin, the pieces behind you look amazing. Welcome back!

  4. Yes I did show restraint 😘- I had googled this shop & then stumbled on it by accident ! Very,very nice mother & daughter owned it .