Monday, June 19, 2017

Button ,button what to do with so many buttons

I didn't take pictures of the button sorting until more than 2/3 of the way through the process .
My brothers Mother in law moved here & wanted to bring all her sewing supplies . She hasn't sewn in 5-7 years . I've helped them out by sorting out the beautiful fabrics she had as well as supplies .
She had so many wonderful silks, wools , linings etc !!!
I donated most to a local community college -they have a great fashion design program .
We this week I took on the buttons . There were 1000's . Not joking !!!! 
They were  6 tall Rubbermaid containers -all full of buttons .
I of course am keeping quite a few for myself as she had very good taste ! 
I'm taking a huge bag to the community college . Also have a large bag for a great resource Treasures 4Teacners . I also gave a very large bag to my sister to use on the greeting cards she makes .
It was great fun going through all of Elenas items , but...
It also made me very sad ! I have boys & they will most likely toss all my treasures 😢
Moral of the story -get busy & start sewing !!
I also had a chance recentLy to go to the Garment District in NYC.
Tomasa @@sewmuchfashion 
gave me some great tips & must see places to find more sewing goodies. 


  1. Oh what fun to go through sewing goodies! I am glad you kept some buttons for yourself. I hope you had a great time in NYC and that you found some treasures. I am not surprised that you also donated fabric to those two good causes. You are such a generous spirit!

  2. Thanks Tomasa -you always have such kind comments . Yes I had a great time in the Garment district !! I had made a plan before I went so I didnt buy things I might love but do t go with anything else .
    We're going back in August for granddaughter's birthday so I'll try to go again .
    One of these times I hope we can meet up !!