Saturday, February 27, 2016

More sewing

I made these Sew Trendy Bags in the hoop & Rare Bears . These are for an MPS fundraiser for my friend Kris . Her son & my niece died of the same rare disease . 
I also made 3 more bags for my upcoming Christ Child Society fundraiser . They are quick & fun to make . 

Also sewed some fun items for DGD - 2 year old are so fun to sew for !!! Just always wishing she didn't live so far away !!! The picture of her in the reversible apron, chef hat & oven mitt was so adorable . She said "I'm cooking hot " 
Now back to some sewing for me 
A skirt & table runner are STILL on the cutting table 


  1. Those bags are very nice!
    I have a 2 years old granddaughter and I agree with you - so much fun to sew for. I am making her the most adorable dress right now. I hadn't thought of an apron and oven mitt. What a good idea. She loves her toy kitchen and I bet she would get a kick out of the apron. I'll have to add to my list. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Bernice. My DGD is 2 also& loves her kitchen . I'd love to see the dress you are making as I'm always looking for new stuff to make her . The apron was very easy & very easy to make reversible .