Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I changed my blog name

I changed the name of my blog. While the original name -One More Day above the Roses (my favorite song) will always be special to me , it didn't seem to fit my sewing goals & style . 
So a name change & hopefully a renewed dedication to sewing . 
I'm still struggling with my love of sewing but finding it hard to sew for ME . I've sewn more in the last few months than ever before but nothing for me . 
It has been a crazy summer with lots going on so trying not to be too hard on myself as I really have sewn sooooo much.
London City Bag for my Sister in Law - she LOVED it -yeah.
Classmate tote for DGD s 3rd birthday 
25 Rare Bears for the National MPS Society fundraiser at family conference .
20 monogrammed zipper purse pouches for a family baby shower giveaways .
Tool tote for ME -really complicated pattern but love it -need to take a picture . 
25 Onsis for hospital charity sewing group -CCS
Crocheted baby blankets -1 for baby shower & 1 for CCS. 

So a great summer of sewing & it's not over yet!!!!! 


  1. You have been rather productive doing all goods things with your sewing! And you did sew for yourself...that tote. Hope to see your blog post about it. I am sure it is a beautiful tote.

  2. Thanks for your wonderful comments - you are always so positive !!