Monday, July 25, 2016

Rare Bears for the Nat'l MPS Society

I finished this years Rare Bears & sent them off to the MPS Society office today . These are truly a labor of love . They will be sold at the upcoming MPS family conference to raise funds for research for this devastating disease  . This disease took my beloved niece 4 years ago at age 17. 
Folks always comment that they take so much time & I'm so talented - neither is true as the embroidery machine does 75 % of the work . 
I'm very blessed to have the ability to help raise funds & awareness for MPS . These families & kids are truly the most amazing group !!!
On to the baby shower favors ! 
Can't spill the beans yet as I'm not sure if my niece will see this , but planning & sewing for this shower have been great. 
It's gotten more difficult to sew for DGD as she lives so far away & I don't see the items I've made .
I'm also making something to wear for the shower in the theme of the shower 😍😍😍
Table runners & a skirt are next ! 

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  1. Those little bears are adorable. And how wonderful that you use your talent to help others.