Wednesday, January 3, 2018

RTW fast 2018 - let’s go !

I’m so excited to be participating in my second RTW Fast with Sarah Gunn of GoodbyeValentino blog.
I believe I only made 5 items in the 2014 RTW Fast but I didn’t buy any clothing either so it was a huge success on my part. 
This year I have many goals of items to make . I’ve actually been cleaning the sewing room & making lists of fabric &patterms I want to complete. 
I love sewing & usually sew a bit every day , but I get scattered in many directions & need to focus on garments .
It’s not that I need a lot of clothes but I want to sew garments I like ,will wear & challenge my sewing skills .
I will still do my charity sewing - in fact I made 75 sets of baby mitts for local hospitals this week. I also love machine embroidery, but another goal is to incorporate embroidery into my garments. 
So I’m ready to get started . 
I found 3 unfinished garments that will get me going ! 
Happy 2018 
Happy Sewing 


  1. Best of luck with the RTW fast! You'll do great

    1. Thanks Tomasa - are you in the group too ?
      I’m hoping it will be a great motivation !

    2. No, I did not join. I have so little time to sew that there will be times that I know I have to rely on RTW but I will enjoy seeing your creations!

  2. I'm wishing I had joined! I've gotten my mojo back and am thrilled!