Friday, November 13, 2015

Busy Bernina club week

It's been a very busy sewing week & pictures will be up soon. I had 2 days of Christ Child sewing - I finished 12 Onsies & I baby quilt to turn in . As Always I brought home lots of onsies to finish . We have less ladies who serge this year so it will be a struggle to meet our goal of 2000 onsies for local hospitals .
I also had my 2 Bernina club sewing meetings this week. It's sometimes nice to have both the Embroidery club & the Gourmet sewing club the same week. But just getting the supplies ready this week about did me in.
I'm finishing  an embroidered advent calendar for a certain DGD as well as Gingerbread bite napkins . All done in the hoop - all are Pickle Pie Designs . Then we made a Kimberbell pillow in Gourmet. It's pieced with fusible appliqué -Christmas themed .
Again pictures will be up soon !!!!

No garment sewing this month . Still hoping to finish a Marcy Tilton tee before Thanksgiving trip to NYC .

Next up on the cutting table- Christmas themed pillowcases, Marcy Tilton tee or 2 homemade gifts for Embroidery club potluck, embroidered gifts for friend get together , onsies & & &