Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas sewing

I have been doing lots of machine embroidery projects this season . 
These little pillows are so addictive - in fact I've made 8 of them . They take about 45 minutes on the machine , but that time gives me an opportunity to clean the sewing room -ha ha .

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Some holiday sewing done

Holiday Sewing for the New Yorkers done & delivered . It was a great Thanksgiving being with them . A certain 2 yr old has captured our hearts !!!
My embroidery machine worked overtime to finish the projects below. 
I made 14 of the pumpkin silverware holders - a 
I love her $5 Friday specials .

The napkins are Gingerbread Bites by Claudias Creations - she's a hometown girl & teaches at MY Bernina store :) 
The bottom photo is an Advent Calendar you string on a ribbon . It's another picklepie design ! 
Not sure what else is up next on my sewing list , but have a couple of pillows, table runner or 2 & of course some skirts for the holidays.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Busy Bernina club week

It's been a very busy sewing week & pictures will be up soon. I had 2 days of Christ Child sewing - I finished 12 Onsies & I baby quilt to turn in . As Always I brought home lots of onsies to finish . We have less ladies who serge this year so it will be a struggle to meet our goal of 2000 onsies for local hospitals .
I also had my 2 Bernina club sewing meetings this week. It's sometimes nice to have both the Embroidery club & the Gourmet sewing club the same week. But just getting the supplies ready this week about did me in.
I'm finishing  an embroidered advent calendar for a certain DGD as well as Gingerbread bite napkins . All done in the hoop - all are Pickle Pie Designs . Then we made a Kimberbell pillow in Gourmet. It's pieced with fusible appliquรฉ -Christmas themed .
Again pictures will be up soon !!!!

No garment sewing this month . Still hoping to finish a Marcy Tilton tee before Thanksgiving trip to NYC .

Next up on the cutting table- Christmas themed pillowcases, Marcy Tilton tee or 2 homemade gifts for Embroidery club potluck, embroidered gifts for friend get together , onsies & & &

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Back to the machines - yeah

Its  been a busy few weeks - but then when is life not busy !!!
Our trip to LA for the MPS Society run was a great event & fun times. We were able to have dinner with a nephew & cousins met us at the race. We did the 5 k in about 47 min. -walking no running .
We managed to fit some fabric shopping into the trip - I'm a lucky girl to have a wonderful hubby who doesn't mind driving in LA traffic to the garment district then finding Mood LA .
I shopped at Michael Levine & Mood LA . Both were great stops

The red denim is from Mood LA for a denim skirt.
The navy / pink knit is a poly spandex jersey for a top, the other knit is a hitachi knit with beige, black & white with a hint of sparkle. I'm hoping this will be a cardigan . 
This past weekend was a wonderful wedding weekend with another nephew getting married - 
My son & fiancรฉ were able to be here all weekend which made it even more special . 
The weekend coming up is our family golf tournament . It's our 7th tournament which benefits research for the MPS Society . We have 75 golfers scheduled . 
I fit in a little bit of sewing today . I finished the cocktail napkins for the kitchen basket we made for the golf auction . Husband made a beautiful cutting board for the basket .
Also made 30 burp cloths for my CCS sewing group . We provide layettes to local hospitals.
Happy times- happy sewing week .
Would love to finish the Halloween table runner in time for this weekend !!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sew Trendy & Halloween

I made another Sew Trendy bag for a friend to give to a friend who likes Snowy Owls . They are so fun & easy to make . They are all done in the hoop in the embroidery machine . It a Pickle Pie Design - one of my favorite designers for machine embroidery . 
I also made a little Halloween bag for a special DGD - I don't always hear if they like things , but I hope this will be perfect for a special cutie :) 

No sewing for a few days as we are headed to LA for the MPS Sociey Walk/run .
We are walking in memory of our beloved niece Allison .


Friday, October 2, 2015

I  finally finished my quilt top from the Caribbean quilt cruise I took in April. I sent it to the long arm quilter yesterday . I had forgotten how pretty the colors were. They are fall like & now I wished I had finished it sooner so I could enjoy it this fall ! ( if Fall ever comes to AZ- 106 yesterday.) 

I also mailed a package to Denver based son. He's going to a wildlife fundraiser & asked me to make some things !!!! Yeah one of my sons actually asked me to sew something for them :) 
These are In the Hoop embroidery items . Top picture is a cross body iPad bag, next coffee mug covers & 2 cell phone purses . I used designs from my favorite place Picklepie Designs .
The fabric used is Shades ofWinter -Bentarex from equilter .com 
I did a slider with clasp on the iPad case. I only watched the YouTube video twice this time . It's so easy & hopefully gives bags a more professional look. 

Next on the sewing table - 2 sets of napkins for upcoming fundraiser baskets I'm putting together. 
Then a Halloween table runner. And a skirt for me and.and.and ...

Thursday, September 24, 2015

CCS Sewing break over

My break from charity/CCS sewing ended this last week . I forgot to take a picture of the 20 baby onesies I finished this week & the afghan I crocheted .  It was nice to have the summer off -I did this to catch up on some other projects . Cleaning up the sewing room also reminded me of the many other projects I want to finish. My goal has been to sew at least an hour a day & ive kept to that for the last. I think or so. It's pretty amazing how much you can sew this way.
My quilt -I made the top on the quilt cruise last April is nearly ready to go the long armer .
I'm still all over the place with sewing from Quito g, garment sewing & crafts. But it's ok !!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sewing room cleaning

Yeah !! My messy sewing room is now a place I can actually work !!
It took 3 days . I got rid of lots but also organized everything . Fabric is all
In bins , patterns organized by style , tools put away - :)
I'm anxious to get sewing & it won't stay clean for long , but I couldn't even use the cutting table so it was past time to clean up. 
I took a car load of donations this afternoon- Goodwill, Treasures4teachers & small scraps to dog bed ladies . 
Since I've started garment sewing again I had gained many more sewing items. But it will be nice to know what I actually have & not have to hunt things down while getting frustrated . 
Charity sewing , Halloween table runner , purse for SIL , border print dress are all on list to get started on -plus much,much more ๐Ÿ˜

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

AZ table runner ready to mail

This easy table runner was a recent project at Gourmet Club at my Bernina store. It was fun & slightly tricky to make . I made it for son#2 for his new house . Hope he doesn't see this until the package arrives ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ
I used some stash fabrics to make it look like an AZ sunset , but found the feature fabric & backing at Bernina Connection - my home away from home !!
I added the piping to bring out more of the Orange/rust color. I made the piping to thick so I had to roll the binding to the back. The binding is the backing so it blends in but I wasn't happy 
I had to do that. But learning is always part of the sewing process for me .
I have a Christmas one cut out & in the sewing queue.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Anniversary dress

This is my second time with this Vogue pattern . I cut out a 16 as I had previously made but took it in so much it's more like a 12-14. The fabric is a cotton stretch sateen from Mood Fabrics . I loved the color & thought it would make a great summer dress. I actually finished it in July to wear to a family reunion but never wore it as it didn't fit with the events.
So I'm calling it my anniversary dress as I first wore it out to dinner for our 42 Anniversary. It was a great night & DH loved the dress.  I underlined it with a bemberg rayon. It made it heavy than I would have thought , but also made it feel comfy to wear even in AZ heat.
I lowered the neckline about 2 inches . It rides up a bit when you sit down so I might need a vent in back if I make it again ! Nice to have a new summer dress.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Making Bears for MPS family conference

I'm having such a great time making these In The Hoop Bears for the MPS Family Conference . 
Just need to stuff them & sew a tiny seam . 
Minky makes these so soft . 
Hope they sell out !!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Luggage tags for Bachlorette Party

In the Hoop Boutique Luggage tags - just finished 16 of these 
They are for the Bachelorette Spa party for my nephews Bride to Be . 
They have pockets on the back for your info. The pocket part gave me fits but finally 
got in a production mode & they embroidered better. I love the font which 
came with this Pickle Pie design . 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Going Downton

This was a very fun purse to make . I didn't use a purse zipper - that would have made attaching the handle much easier . It has pockets inside & it's a great size . 
Fun make 
Part of  sewing for ME for the month  of August :)

Friday, August 7, 2015

Road trip to Denver

I finally got to see the wall hanging I made for son #2 actually hanging in his new home .
It was a great trip & nice to help him with a couple of home projects. 
I managed to fit a quick stop to Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver. It's a wonderful store with an amazing staff. Lots of Indie Patterns  & great fabric in a small space. 
I have a crocheted afghan for my charity Layette sewing group almost finished after so much car time . 
Thanks for a great visit N- LOVE YOU !!!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Table runner finished

I finally finished a table runner I started last November at a 2 day event at my Bernina dealer. 
It was a project using a curved specialty ruler. They had us cut them out different than the directions so it ended up smaller than I would have liked. But it's done & on the table - yeah ! 
I finished the other 3 projects shortly after the event. 
I made a summer dress this week & knit skirt - pictures soon ! I wanted a summer dress for an upcoming family reunion . 
My brother asked me to make a tee shirt quilt with all the reunion shirts from our parents . I have the shirts cut up but not sure I can finish & wondering if it's worth dragging to reunion since  everyone should also have all these shirts. 
I've also kept to my self imposed break from charity sewing this week. It's hard not to make more onesies , but I really wanted some time to finish & make some projects of my own. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Meeting my goal

I have so far been able to meet my personal goal of crocheting an afghan a month for my CCS group . We donate afghans ,quilts & handmade baby clothes to local hospitals .
I was VERYburned out from sewing the baby clothes at the end of our year in May. I had decided to take the summer off , but the pull of having enough items  for our first distribution in Sept. got to me.
I have slowed down a bit as I want to concentrate on sewing other items . I want to mainly sew some things for me. I will also make some things for DGD but it's hard to fit when she's so far away.
I have 2 dresses on the cutting/sewing table to finish before our family reunion in 2 weeks.
I finished 30 onesies & my afghan .  I always forget to take pictures until I'm on my way out the door . Need to work on better pictures. This picture really doesn't do the onesies justice . They are sooooo cute !!! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer knit skirt

I made this knit skirt last  spring but have just begun wearing it more regularly. I used a pattern but then changed the waist to a yoga waistband . It's a knit from Girl Charlee. I love the weight of it- more of a mid weight , but the registration of the design is off in a few places . I had to cut around some places  which was annoying . 
It's very easy to wear & washes up great also. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Paris bag & purse finished with time to spare

I made another London City Bag in Paris fabrics . It went together much faster & I only had to watch the you tube video once on putting on the slider on the handle .  I didn't get a picture of all 4 of the little pouches I made , but those were a fun in the hoop project fro zippy designs - boutique bags 
Now I just have to finish packing .

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Belcarra top

This fabric is so pretty UP CLOSE - it looks blah from a few feet away & I'm so very disappointed!! It was not cheap & I got it last trip to NYC. I love the colors & it goes with so many skirts etc, but I'm not sure if it will look like it matches from afar. I'm also struggling with the Belcarra. I need to learn an FBA so this top is not so baggy at the waist. I even put long darts in ,  it the fabric is a tad sheer & that's where your focus goes - so I'm taking them out .  Still struggling with patterns that look good on my body type as well as fabrics that work for the pattern. Lots of learning to do ๐Ÿ˜„

Monday, June 1, 2015

Travel May - whew

A friend asked the other day how my trip was . I saw her the day after we flew back from NYC . So I replied " Great flew in last night " . She said " How long was the cruise "?  . I told her I wasn't on a cruise we were visitng Son,DIL & DGD. She kept asking what happened to the cruise. We had a good laugh when I said the cruise was great but a memory as I had been several places since the cruise !!!!
I didn't tell her we were getting ready for our June river cruise to France & Paris. Wow I'm so lucky & blessed .
The dress for DGD & marching doll dress were a big hit . I'm not sure she totally understand s yet about playing dolls & changing clothes but it was so fun to see a creation I made on someone I love !!
She of course was being a 21 month old & wouldn't look at camera or smile on cue.

Big sewing day today - CLEANING THE SEWING ROOM !!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Quilt cruise to Eastern Carribean

The Quilting cruise was so much fun ! We cruised the Eastern Carribean- sewed on the cruising days & had lots of fun in between. I went with a CCS friend who is a great quilter. I am not as experienced as she is, but I did learn a lot . I even kept up with the pattern which was my biggest fear- falling behind. The pattern ,kit, prizes, giveaways were from a local quilt shop - 3 Dudes.
Quilts At Sea - Michelle Jackson was the overall organizer. The highlight for me was going to a Batik factory on St Kitts for a private tour& making our own piece of Batik.
Another highlight- there were many !!! Was winning the sewing machine on board the cruise. A Florida dealer provided all sewing machines . He gives away a starter machine & I WON IT . The stipulation was it be given to a new beginning sewer. So my niece Abby Rose got a call from me when we landed in Ft Lauderdale that she would get sewing lessons from me & a new machine !!
She was thrilled & so am I !!!!!!
My almost finished top- just need to add border . A Batik kit with several choices of colors was included in our quilt package .
A view of the process of making our own piece of Batik . 
Great trip & motivation ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

AZ Gives & Quilting Cruise

AZ Gives was a huge success for The Christ Child Society of Phx . We raised over $2300. Now we can add diapers back to our Layettes . I have 29 onsies to drop off this morning . I didn't get my March goal of an afghan or baby quilt finished , but...
I'm heading to FL tomorrow or an eastern Caribbean quilting cruise . I'm Very excited, but nervous. The friend I'm going with is a superior quilter & I'm NOT. I'm hoping to learn  a lot & have FUN . we had to make mug rugs for an exchange with fellow quilters . Mine is machine embroidered ,after 3 tries of binding it's done .
Need to get packing & hoping to save room in suitcase for visit to Batik factory !!!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

London City Bag

First time using a slider- It ACTUALLY worked to make the handle have a double slider.  I can use the bag now as a cross body or shoulder bag.  I WILL be using this on all future bags.  I watched a
you tube video  to add this feature.  I watched it 4 times, as it worked so slick. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE that I figured this out.  I like this pattern as well.  It was a class I took as part of Gourmet Club at Bernina Connection.  I plan to make another for an upcoming trip, but I will make a little bit smaller.  Id like to use this one for a few weeks and then decide. All batiks were from my stash. Soft & stable was used as it is a foam & gave great body to the bag.
Thanks to   Kyle sent me the link to the Etsy shop where she bought her sliders. I bought the lobster claw/ swivel hooks at my Bernina store ,but have also gotten them from . 


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ist make of the year

Finally my first clothing make of the year . I started this skirt in October & finished it yesterday . It's a fully lined skirt made of quilting cotton . Very simple but glad to have finally made something !!!
I wore this skirt last night to dinner with friends . My friend said cute skirt before I even had a chance to say I had made it . I thought I had the lining a good inch shorter than the hem, but it showed when I walked in the front . So... Need to trim that off. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

CCS Sewing -

Lots of CCS sewing this week . We are very short of onsies for our Layette Bags for the hospitals . Also afghans are in short supply. My goal is to make an afghan or quilt a month. That's a small dent in the over 1000 we need each year for local hospitals & social service agencies . 
I always have lots of plans to sew for myself , just need to do it !!
WW is not going as quickly as I had hoped for weight loss. Keep saying I'll start something whenever lost 5-10 . But I keep plugging along .

Friday, March 6, 2015

Pima Canyon Hiking instead of dealing with sewing issues

     Had to get the loose threads in my head cleared out today . Many,many sewing problems yesterday !!!! Not all operator error . I came back from Sewing Expo sew enthused - trying to get mojo back .
Need to refigure embroidery project as I'm making recipe towels for a fundraiser basket . Due next week of course !!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pendleton Posing

Picture form last weeks Sewing Expo in Puyallup WA . 
I had to get a picture next to my name !!!!!
I didn't buy any fabric there - living in AZ I don't really wear too many wools , but they had some beautiful fabric .