Thursday, May 17, 2018

Vacation Sewing Not finished

Vacation Sewing plans not finished 😂
I had many plans for garments to finish before leaving town , but didn’t get them all done . 
I was feeling blue & disappointed in myself earlier . As with most of us I had too many irons in the fire. But I have cleaned up my sewing room and finished a few embroidery projects . 
I don’t feel I’m as productive as I think I should be , but have to remember Sewing is a fun,relaxing hobby that I am very privledged to enjoy .
A new skirt & a new top will be fun to wear !! 
Happy Sewing 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Meeting Rhonda Buss !!!Haute Couture Club of Chicago

The Haute Couture Club of Chicago held it’s annual luncheon & fashion show this past Sunday .
It was truly a highlight for me to attend . There was so much nspiration in the 60 plus garments made by the members . The top left picture shows a 97 yr old member who made the coat she’s wearing !!!
I attended with a friend Andrea Birkan  . I met Andrea last year at Susan Khalje’s class in Houston. 
Andrea took the day on Thursday to take me to her favorite Chicago fabric stores .
Andrea modeled several of her amazing Couture garments ! She is such a generous friend !!

Cenetta Burrell was also in the show with numerous garments . I follow her on IG as well as her blog -They Mahogany Stylist . 
She made many wonderful garment for herself & her family .

The highlight for me was meeting Rhonda Buss . I have followed Rhonda’s blog -Rhonda’s Creative life since I first returned to garment sewing about 8 years ago. She has such great style & her blog is always so positive & full of helpful sewing tips & inspiration .

I was also able to visit my sister ,her kids , cousins & 2 -90 yr old aunts .
It was a memorable weekend !! 
Time to Sew