Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas sewing

I have been doing lots of machine embroidery projects this season . 
These little pillows are so addictive - in fact I've made 8 of them . They take about 45 minutes on the machine , but that time gives me an opportunity to clean the sewing room -ha ha .

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Some holiday sewing done

Holiday Sewing for the New Yorkers done & delivered . It was a great Thanksgiving being with them . A certain 2 yr old has captured our hearts !!!
My embroidery machine worked overtime to finish the projects below. 
I made 14 of the pumpkin silverware holders - a 
I love her $5 Friday specials .

The napkins are Gingerbread Bites by Claudias Creations - she's a hometown girl & teaches at MY Bernina store :) 
The bottom photo is an Advent Calendar you string on a ribbon . It's another picklepie design ! 
Not sure what else is up next on my sewing list , but have a couple of pillows, table runner or 2 & of course some skirts for the holidays.