Friday, October 14, 2016

Embroidery in the hoop

I've had a great week sewing . It's club week at my Bernina store. Embroidery DIVaS was a fun topper for bags. Gourmet Sewing club was Kimberbell birthday pillow. Both projects almost done .
I made these door hanging pillows for gifts -they are Janine Babich in the hoop .
The hot mitt is Pickle Pie . Lots of ideas for Christmas .
The wristlet is also Pickle Pie for a friends bithday . 
Also 2 sessions of Layette sewing this week. 
Time to rest -heading to Blue Ridge Parkway tomorrow for a week long hiking trip . 
HE doesn't know if scoped out some fabric stores ! 
The knit dress didn't get finished but almost 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Yikes I haven't blogged in a month - but I am sewing !!!!

Sewing is a dangerous hobby !!! I have this table runner almost finished -amachine quitled etc &  stuck my finger with a pin & got blood on it 😂
But it all came out !!!!
It just needs to be trimmed & put on binding . 
My second Passionately Sewn dress is almost done. I'm playing with the neckline so it looks a little different than the first one . 
It's finally fall in AZ - well at least highs of 80-85. So I will be able to wear a sleeveless dress for a while & with a sweater at night. 
As usual I have several projects going at once. My Embroidery club pumpkin table runner is ready for me to machine quilt & bind .
Most of my time in the last week was used getting a new computer & getting my Embroidery software designs reloaded etc. I got the  Bernina software update & tried to upgrade to Wi dows 10 & it crashed my computer. I'm NOT a computer person so it's taken a while to get up to speed. 
I'm also organizing all my software club lessons, Embroidery club lessons & Gourmet Sewi g club projects. 
I had let them get in total dissaray so it's time consuming , but needed .
I also managed to make 30 baby onsies for my Christ Child Layette group. These are mind,ess so they help keep my sanity . 

Thanks for stopping by !