Friday, December 8, 2017

Santa’s elf is tired & done

I spent most of my November sewing time getting ahead for Christmas . I also made a dress for a friends wedding . I ordered the fabric from Promenade Fabric. #promenadefabrics
They offer THE best customer service . 
This dress was Vogue 6446 . It was a digital printed poly . Digitals can be a challenge as the holes show up if you take something out- AKA reverse sewing . But this poly was very forgiving . 
I hash some issues getting then”wrap”part to fit but it came out very well & above my expectations .
Of course I cut my time close & wasn’t able to make a muslin .😜
The rest of November was spent getting ahead for Christmas. After garment sewing —I LOVE machine embroidery. 
I had items to make for a fundraiser luncheon - items for cutie niece & nephew -items for gift exchange with friends . But now I’m ready to get back to sewing for ME. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Like losing a friend -Nancy Zieman

 A great loss to the sewing community -Nancy Zieman died yesterday. It has hit me very hard as I️ have watched & followed her from almost the beginning of her career. She was like a friend next to me while sewing. I️ could watch a video clip or refer to a book she had written for easy directions . Even my boys knew not to disturb mom while watching her “show”or tape over moms show.
She inspired so many & will be greatly missed !
                                           Bye for Now Nancy - prayers to your family

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sew much sewing -sew little time to blog

Sew much catching up to do - but too much for one post.! 
I made this Sandra Betzina V1515 - “pop top “ this week for a family birthday party . 
I was a panel I bought from @@promenadefabrics . 
I lined the top & took in about 2” off each side . I didn’t add the elastic to the collar this time & just choose to make it more of a cowl neck . 
It’s a fun & easy topper to make -just wondering how ,any of the same top one can male &use ???

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Bucket list -sewing with Susan Khalje

Hey Ya'll 
I'm in  Houston ready to start my week class with Susan Khalje !! I'm beyond excited & beyond nervous 😩 😩
I hope I'm not over my head.  But trying to focus on I'm hear to learn !!
My sewing machine packed in bubble wrap made it through TsA with flying colors ( ha ha ) .
I had to borrow back the small Janome I won last year from my sister in law. All my Bernina's were toooooo heavy . The Janome weighs 12 pounds . 
I had a great few days visiting my nephew , his wife & 3 kids . Lots of great energy ! 
So wish me well & I'll try to keep up with my progress .
Happy Sewing ! 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Catching up & sewing fun

Wow over a month since I've blogged ! 
I'm always sewing just not always taking the time to blog . 
I finished the Sandra Betzina pop top & I love it . Her staff saw it in my IG post & asked if they could  post on her social media -I was thrilled ! I also wore it out & a female bartender asked where I got the top. Again it was a treat to have someone comment !
I thought I had a picture of the everyday tank  I made but I don't. I also don't love it . I used a very nice quilting cotton & it just didn't hang very well . Fabric was recommended on pattern but it was too stiff even tho it was a softer cotton .  But I feel  learn from each experience .
This make is an In the Hoop Embroidery design from pickle pie . It was easy -sent to #2 son as a prototype . It's a tech bag for cords etc. I think the pockets are too small to hold much but we'll see what he thinks .

Happy Sewing 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Button ,button what to do with so many buttons

I didn't take pictures of the button sorting until more than 2/3 of the way through the process .
My brothers Mother in law moved here & wanted to bring all her sewing supplies . She hasn't sewn in 5-7 years . I've helped them out by sorting out the beautiful fabrics she had as well as supplies .
She had so many wonderful silks, wools , linings etc !!!
I donated most to a local community college -they have a great fashion design program .
We this week I took on the buttons . There were 1000's . Not joking !!!! 
They were  6 tall Rubbermaid containers -all full of buttons .
I of course am keeping quite a few for myself as she had very good taste ! 
I'm taking a huge bag to the community college . Also have a large bag for a great resource Treasures 4Teacners . I also gave a very large bag to my sister to use on the greeting cards she makes .
It was great fun going through all of Elenas items , but...
It also made me very sad ! I have boys & they will most likely toss all my treasures 😢
Moral of the story -get busy & start sewing !!
I also had a chance recentLy to go to the Garment District in NYC.
Tomasa @@sewmuchfashion 
gave me some great tips & must see places to find more sewing goodies. 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Moana items & new travel bag

Lots of Sewing going on ! 
I just finished the Ultimate Travel Bag by Annie's . It was a lot of work , but not hard .  You have to really pay attention to the directions - also label EVERYTHING per her directions . 
The bag is getting its maiden voyage on Wed as we travel to NYC to visit our son & his family.
The Moana sunhat & purse are for our wonderful granddaughter. We are really looking forward to seeing them . 
I'll be taking a day during the visit to go to the garment district. I'm beyond thrilled . I've been before but it's usually just an Hour here & there. This time I'll hopefully have the good part of a day. 
I'm still going through a frustrating time of not making the time & effort to sew for me .
But ... I do have a simple top cut put with the hopes of make my it tomorrow.!!!!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Tunic Bible Dress finished

I so wanted this dress to be fabulous , but I'm not sure . 
I spent lots of time fitting the muslin. But then had to fit lots more on the dress. I think it still is too big in some areas & not as flattering g as I thought /hoped it would be. 
I wore it to a party last night , but I'm not sure what the issues are ? 
It is a stretch woven I got at Mood a few years ago during an NYC visit. I lined it with a mesh as I didn't have enough fabric left to make the binding & collar the pattern suggested . 
I love the print & fabric , but just not sure it's the right match of fabric & pattern style .
 I'm giving the Tunic Bible another try with something's no lighter weight . 
Happy Sewing 😍

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tunic Bible dress in progress - Sewing Workshop workshop

Last Friday & Saturday I took a blouse fitting & knit workshop with Linda Lee from 
the Sewing Workshop. She is such an engaging & fun teacher . So helpful & knowledgeable. 
This week I finished my Gourmet Sewing club project from March -the Camden bowl/bag. 
I had to use a lot of glue in places where the suggested hand stitching didn't work . 
Th bottom picture is my almost finished Tunic Bible dress. I've had this stretch woven for a long time . I like the dress very much. I made a muslin first but had to tweak the dress as well. 
It's almost done -I had hoped to wear it to a luncheon yesterday, but my new goal is a party Saturday night. 
Happy Sewing 😍

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tunic Bible Muslin & Easter Embroidery

Busy sewing week !
 I finished this Easter Bunny table runner . It was a Sweet Pea Embroidery design . I've also been working on & have fine tuned my muslin for a tunic from The Tunic Bible . 
I had hoped to make a tunic dress for Easter , but the muslin took longer than I thought. But I wanted to make the muslin work correctly to hopefully save time the future ! 
I've only made one other muslin in all my sewing years , but feel this important step will take my sewing to the next level. 
I also had Embroidery club this week as well as Gourmet sewing ,oh , and also CCS charity sewing . 
I almost have last months Gourmet sewing project done . I didn't opt to make this months as I didn't want another unfinished project 😜 I also didn't make the Embroidery club project, but bought the pattern as I  Thought it was very cute . 

Happy Easter, Passover or other holidays you may celebrate! 

Happy Sewing 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Finishing up projects & more embroidery!!

Just finished up my February Embroidery Diva club project . 
The Rollie Pollie case
It was a challenge , but fun to sew . The club leader is a huge piping fan & encouraged us all to add piping to the ends of each piece of the case. I'm so glad she did as it really makes the pieces pop. 
Not sure if you can really see the piping in the top photo. 
I ❤️ Batiks so it was a natural to use them for this project.! 
I had a discussion with one of my favorite teachers at Bernina Connection ( actually have several favorites) anyway -she loves Batiks also an said the same as I did . I usually just get more because I hate cutting into the ones I have !!! Ha ha 
The bottom picture is of my great niece . I made her a "chocolate " bunny for Easter. You can just barely see the monogram on it . It's from Pickle Pie & ive made many of these for gifts ! 
On to a few Easter projects including a dress for ME. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

New top

 I made a new top last week . It's a Sandra Betzina Todays Fit pattern . 
It's my second version . I like the fit much better than the first one , but I'm no sure I Love this version . 
It's a brighter color than I normally wear , but hey different can be better too. 
The knit is pretty thin ITY I got at Stone Mountain & daughter last year. The pattern needs fabric with drape , but I do fiddle with the "knot" part . 
So I'll wear it a few more times to decide if it's a keeper .
Happy Sewing 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Garment mojo is back

I finally got my garment sewing mojo back this week .
I have been sewing a ton , but seem to always put myself & sewing for myself on the back burner. 
I made this Sandra Betzina Today's Fit pattern . I was fitted for this pattern by Sandra at her recent workshop I attended . It is a very flattering pattern & her fitting tips were great. I need to make a few tweaks next time, but nothing too major . The fabric was a combo knit set I got from Marcy Tilton fabrics when I attended Sewing Expo in Puyallup 2 years ago. 
I had never sewn with mesh & had been very intimidated. But I followed Sandra's knit tips & it sewed like a dream . 
I have another version cut & ready to go ! 
I'm taking advantage of the sewing mojo being back & making another version . 
Happy Sewing 

Friday, February 10, 2017

My sisters Christmas gift is finished 🤗

Yeah I finished my sisters Christmas gift 2106 
I've made the London City Bag 4 times now .
My sister wanted it in brown , and I did a brown & teal lining . 
It's a fun purse to sew, but even after the 4th  time I still have to follow the directions . 
I think it came out great & I'm giving it to her tomorrow. 
I've also been busy catching up on sewing onesies for the Layette bags my group gives to the hospital. 
I've done 60 in the last few weeks . 
Next up is finished up  the Sandra Betzina tunic I started at her workshop in January . 
Happy Sewing 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Sandra Betzina Sewing Retreat pictures

Google didn't like these as a collage , but here are some of the many items I purchased at Sandra Betzina's sewing retreat.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sandra Betzina sewing retreat

Sandra Betzina Sewing Week 
Wow -where to start!!!
She is so amazing & amazingly generous with her time & knowledge. We started on Sunday with an escorted trip to 3 San Francisco area fabric stores-Stone Mountain & daughter, Piedmont & Fabrix 
Stone Mountain & Piedmont were my favorites. It was especially helpful having Sandra there to help guide with choices . She has such a great eye. I added to my stash at both of these places. 
The sewing retreat is at a great hotel in downtown -Marine Memorial . Rooms are very spacious & meals were great. Breakfast & lunch included. Happy Hour on the INCREDIBLE VIEW 12 th floor is also included.
I had only attended last year for the first time , but most of the other ladies have come every year for 10-20 years. All very nice ladies-most more advanced than I am . But they were also very generous with their help & knowledge. 
I did not get much finished, but got lots of patterns fitted by Sandra . 
She brings a truck show of her garments & leaves them there all week. It was a fashion show everyday when Sandra arrived 😍 She has great taste & always wore something of hers. 
We all had a great time everyday trying on her garments. I was seated near the mirror & I loved it. Ladies would come by all day trying on something different . There were 10 sewers, Sandra & her wonderful assistant Elke. 
The Marine hotel is right around the corner from Britex-another great SF fabric institution. 
It was fun to run over there to look at fabulous fabric .
I'm so sorry this is Sandra's last year of teaching & doing these retreats. 
It was a fabulous week & I learned so much !!!
Sandra also has dinner one night in her historic home which was fabulous !

Monday, January 16, 2017

Fabric shopping with Sandra Betzina

We had a great day fabric shopping yesterday in San Francisco! We made stops at Piedmont Fabric, Stone Mountain & daughter & FabriX.
Sho & tell in the van back to the hotel was great! 
Sewing with Sandra starts this morning !!
I can't wait !!!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sandra Betzina retreat -Here i come !!!

I'm so beyond excited that I'm heading to San Francisco on Sunday for a week of sewing with 
Sandra  Betzina !!!!!!
This will be my second year attending this wonderful workshop in San Francisco. I am much better prepared this year . I even made zipper pouches for everyone. Last year I found d out AFTER I got there that the ladies brought gifts for each other. So this year I'm ready . I used a Pickle Pie -Sew Trendy bag pattern . I found garment sewing related fabric & had a ball making these. 
I sent the first one to Kyle from Vacuumingthealawn . I won her giveaway of a wonderful calendar & wanted to send her a thank you gift. 

I'm still sorting which of Sandra Betzina's patterns I'm bringing & which ones I'll use . Sandra was great last year with fitting tips ,sizing etc. I made the mistake last year of bringing non Sandra patterns -what was I thinking ????
Anyway I'm set this year -just need to narrow down my 10 choices to 2-3 . 
Sandra gave us so many tips & I learned sooooooo much ! 

Can't wait until Sunday !! 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Christmas sewing is finished -almost !

I finished the last 2 of 3 Christmas projects I had hoped to get done in 2016 . But I am now ready for 2017 ! 
The JOY pillow was a Divas project at Bernina Connection for October . It's a design from a very talented local digitizer Fabric Confetti ! Vanessa Fromm is a great designer & makes such fun projects . 
The Believe pillow is from Christmas 2015 . A Bernina project from Gourmet Club ! 
It's a Kimber  Bell design . 
Vanessa Fromm  has the best zipper technique for pillows ! 
As I hinted ne more project to go . 
I promised my sister a purse -the London City Bag . 
It's cut out & 25% sewn . 
It will hopefully get finished this week . I have done no charity sewing since before Christmas . I need to kick that in gear also . 
I made 620 onsies in 2016 out of the 2000 our group makes for the local hospitals . It truly takes a village to make those 2000 layette bags which each contain 8 handmade items .
Happy Sewing to n 2017 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Sew great day

Today was such a fun day ! 
My 4 yr old great niece saw my sewing studio over Christmas & asked if she could come & sew with me! I wondered if she would forget, but hoped she wouldn't 
Her mama kept texting me saying that 4 yr old great niece is so excited to sew with Aunt Murryullen.
I was beyond excited !!
So today was the day. 
We made a colorful pillowcase. She couldn't reach the pedal & didn't like sitting on my lap to sew. We will have to resolve the pedal issue so she can actually sew. 
She had fun looking through my fabric. In fact she asked if my room was a fabric store - hmmmmmm
I do have lots of fabric . 
We're making hair bows next week per her request 😍

A very fun day !!