Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Sew great day

Today was such a fun day ! 
My 4 yr old great niece saw my sewing studio over Christmas & asked if she could come & sew with me! I wondered if she would forget, but hoped she wouldn't 
Her mama kept texting me saying that 4 yr old great niece is so excited to sew with Aunt Murryullen.
I was beyond excited !!
So today was the day. 
We made a colorful pillowcase. She couldn't reach the pedal & didn't like sitting on my lap to sew. We will have to resolve the pedal issue so she can actually sew. 
She had fun looking through my fabric. In fact she asked if my room was a fabric store - hmmmmmm
I do have lots of fabric . 
We're making hair bows next week per her request 😍

A very fun day !!

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