Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tunic Bible Muslin & Easter Embroidery

Busy sewing week !
 I finished this Easter Bunny table runner . It was a Sweet Pea Embroidery design . I've also been working on & have fine tuned my muslin for a tunic from The Tunic Bible . 
I had hoped to make a tunic dress for Easter , but the muslin took longer than I thought. But I wanted to make the muslin work correctly to hopefully save time the future ! 
I've only made one other muslin in all my sewing years , but feel this important step will take my sewing to the next level. 
I also had Embroidery club this week as well as Gourmet sewing ,oh , and also CCS charity sewing . 
I almost have last months Gourmet sewing project done . I didn't opt to make this months as I didn't want another unfinished project 😜 I also didn't make the Embroidery club project, but bought the pattern as I  Thought it was very cute . 

Happy Easter, Passover or other holidays you may celebrate! 

Happy Sewing 


  1. You have been one busy sewing bee as usual!! I love the bunny runner - so cute. I think it's a good idea to test a garment in muslin. You can work out any problems before you cut into your nice fabric.

  2. And I hope you and yours had a Happy Easter!

  3. Thanks Tomasa -I hope you had a wonderful day as well !!!
    I made 2 of the runners but didn't get much of a response from the one I sent my kids 😜
    I cut out my tunic today & hope to work on a little tonight . I like the Tunic Bible book , but I hope my stretch twill will cooperate for bias neckline & sleeveless.
    trim . Happy Sewing to you !