Friday, April 13, 2018

The Tunic Bible & Blackwood Cardigan - Stylemaker Fabrics

Lots of sewing , just not much blogging ! 
My second Tunic Bible is a 2sided knit from Stylemaker Fabrics . It’s a cotton /poly & sewed up like a dream . It has an eyelet look to it . I’m glad I was able to incorporate both sides in this dress . I’m looking forward to dressing it up & down . I love the tunics from Tunic Bible & love the fact that this pattern is now my TNT . Once you fit it , endless options open up ! 
A while back I finished my first Blackwood Cardigan . I also loved this pattern . My fabric was mostly poly so  topstitching was a major challenge . I love the length . I didn’t love that DH called it a lab coat.  But what do men know about fashion . It’s a wonderful sweater ! 
I have fabric ready to cut out for both of these patterns - they are keepers ! 
Happy Sewing 


  1. I especially love the tunic fabric! I have the book but have yet to wade in and make one. Yours turned out so nice!

    1. You should jump in - it’s a great book/pattern . So,many options . Thanks from rmyour comment