Thursday, September 24, 2015

CCS Sewing break over

My break from charity/CCS sewing ended this last week . I forgot to take a picture of the 20 baby onesies I finished this week & the afghan I crocheted .  It was nice to have the summer off -I did this to catch up on some other projects . Cleaning up the sewing room also reminded me of the many other projects I want to finish. My goal has been to sew at least an hour a day & ive kept to that for the last. I think or so. It's pretty amazing how much you can sew this way.
My quilt -I made the top on the quilt cruise last April is nearly ready to go the long armer .
I'm still all over the place with sewing from Quito g, garment sewing & crafts. But it's ok !!!!

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